Social Impact

CivX was created to expose students to the challenges of addressing emerging social problems within communities and equip them with experience to accelerate their careers--regardless of the path they choose.  The Division of Social Sciences does an exceptionally good job training students to conduct rigorous, high-level research. But during that intense training there are few opportunities to explore the impact of those skills in new contexts. As students enter either the academic or non-academic job market the stories they take with them will win job offers. All students can share stories about their thesis or dissertation project. But what about stories involving collaboration, project management, communication, and problem solving?

Translating Skills

In almost all cases organizations rely on job candidates to do the work of translating their experience. By serving on a CivX project, students can capture compelling evidence that they have all the associated skills necessary to contribute to organization. Students can then explain how their research training and creativity can be used in new contexts.  

Fits Academic Schedules

Because CivX projects are short-term, advanced graduate students don't have to worry that participation will distract from their research obligations throughout the year. CivX is meant to complement and enhance students' research training. The time and productivity benefits are substantial. A typical CivX project will give students more than half the hours of experience of a traditional 12-week internship.  This format allows our students to maintain summer research obligations, travel, or just catch up on sleep before next year. 


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