Applications for the June 2016 project are now closed.

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Who We Look For

Each project requires different skillsets and disciplinary perspectives and we only open student applications once we have a project fully defined. Given the project's short duration, the team composition is especially critical. Not every capable researcher or student will enjoy the speed and forced adaptability demanded by our projects. We want the right mix of students to maximize the team's success and ensure the experience is valuable for you. Over the past several years we've identified a number of qualities that lead to fun, collaborative, and productive teams.

We're looking for someone who...

  • When alone or with others...plays with ideas
  • Love to learn--likes bridging that feeling of uncertainty and the satisfaction of figuring it out
  • Feels a pull to change things rather than just critique them
  • Secretly misses drawing pictures that are worthy of the refrigerator
  • Believes multiple methodologies provide the most robust understanding of a complex problem
  • Can comfortably engage stakeholders across age groups and from different cultural backgrounds
  • Creates new insights by synthesizing other points of view
  • Is frustrated when others don't contextualize their ideas or see the assumptions they're operating under
  • Loves theory
  • Gets a little angry when people ignore theory's potential to do something out in the world