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In addition to their Uchicago research training, CivX alumni have experience working on high-intensity, collaborative teams. They are able to quickly identify research needs, gather data, analyze it and begin generating solutions. By the end of a CivX project, they've engaged stakeholders from CEOs to line employees and presented a research-driven solution to an organization's leadership. They're exceptionally well prepared to contribute at a high-level from the day they're hired. 

We train our students to think beyond traditional boundaries.

The Division of Social Sciences is arguably the greatest collection of social science departments in the world. The division's faculty and students have pioneered new research approaches across the qualitative and quantitative spectrum. These contributions were facilitated in part by the university's unique structure which enables faculty and students to move with greater freedom across disciplinary boundaries. That freedom gives our students the opportunity to engage questions between and outside traditional boundaries. 

The best answers to the most complex questions emerge from uniting the right questions with the right research methods. All methodologies have strengths and blind-spots. We accept that as a given and train our students to think critically about complex problems and their own perspectives.  Students on a CivX team use their shared toolbox of rigorous approaches to identify actionable inferences.

CivX Trains Experts + Collaborators

A well-known innovation consultancy describes the best employees as being T-shaped. T-Shaped employees possess one deep expertise, but can communicate across disciplines and collaborate effectively with colleagues who have training in fields other than their own. Consequently, employees who are T-shaped contribute starting Day 1 and flexibly adapt to future responsibilities and challenges. Employees with these qualities will likely prove to be your most robust hires.

CivX selects some of the most promising young T-shaped researchers for its teams. We believe in the value of rigor and cross-pollination—theoretical, methodological and analytical.

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If your organization depends on talent who can address complex problems in new ways and validate solutions with the latest research methodologies, we’d like to connect you with our alumni.

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