We want the project your organization does with CivX to complement and accelerate efforts you're currently engaged in. Our goal is to develop potential solutions to your question that are resource-neutral. We haven't found many organizations or communities that need ideas for how to use extra resources. We want to support you where you're at, without making your progress dependent on additional funding.

3 Step Application Process

  1. Paper Application: We've taken special care to reduce the burden of our application on organizations. We limit the total number of words to 1000. We're looking for applications that can articulate how a specific question or challenge, if answered or resolved, would make a tremendous different to those you serve.
  2. Leadership Interviews: After initial consideration, we'll select 3-5 organizations as finalists. We'll interview your leadership team to learn more about the proposed challenge and get buy in on the support the CivX team will need to be effective.
  3. Project Preparation: Once selected, will work with you to coordinate the access the CivX team will need to be productive from the moment we arrive. 

A CivX project is intense.

But that intensity allows our teams to be unusually productive. Our partnership approach is all designed to maximize the benefits to your organization at the least cost in terms of both time and resources.