Confident Collaboration

CivX offers nonprofits, communities, and civic institutions an opportunity to address a mission-critical problem in a new way. As a consulting engagement, CivX will deploy a team of select graduate students on a problem that your organization identifies. We’ll conduct research with the communities you serve, prototype potential solutions, and run a study to validate the benefits of adopting those solutions. At the end, our client organization will have a new approach to their specified problem and data to back it up. Drawing on the University of Chicago's research expertise, our goal is to help partner organizations gain confidence around important challenges that they wouldn't otherwise have the resources to explore.

Since it was started, CivX has successfully run projects with groups in metropolitan Chicago, in rural towns, and in countries as far away as India. During those engagements, our teams addressed organizational capacities issues and service delivery challenges. Please read our case studies for more information on past projects.

If you're an organization or community on the cusp of a breakthrough we'd like to talk. 

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Open Applications

Applications for our June 2016 project are now closed. If you'd like to receive an email invitation to apply for our next project please sign up below.

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